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Where To Go In San Diego

San Diego is a city that is popular for having so many attractions. This city, located in Southern California, offers great, beautiful sceneries and entertainment, surrounded by charming nature, perfect for many various activities. If you’re visiting the city, then you can see and experience a wide variety of different amusements, be it relaxing and educational museums, gardens, and Spanish Colonial-style architecture, to thrilling, outdoor activities in parks, malls, and beaches.

If you’re not interested in visiting museums or gardens and want to experience some more exciting things, then you can go hiking along the sandstone cliffs of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, take a walk through the frothy surf of Coronado Island's beach, or be charmed by the great natural wonders that La Jolla Cove has to offer. Whether it is inside or outside the actual city, you can see and experience many great things.

Balboa Park

Home to a great number of historical cultures, this 1,400-acre site located within downtown San Diego allows you to enjoy several exciting activities and amenities. You can go for a stroll, a bike ride, or a picnic, such simple things you can do while site-seeing, admiring the Spanish-Renaissance architecture that permeates all through the grounds.

Within the park is also a botanical park, regarded as the largest lath structure in the world, said famous botanical building features more than 2,100 permanent plants, including striking collections of tropical plants and orchids. You can also visit and experience the Old Globe Theatre, a venue modeled after Shakespeare's Globe in London. This is where you can see one of the world's largest outdoor pipe organs with more than 5,000 pipes.


If you’re interested in seeing some museums, there are also several arts, history, and science museums within the area of Balboa Park. These include popular names such as the San Diego Museum of Art, the Museum of Photographic Arts, the Mingei International Museum, the Timken Museum of Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art, San Diego, Fleet Science Center, the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Us, San Diego Air & Space Museum, and the San Diego Model Railroad Museum.

La Jola Cove

For many energetic or outdoor-enthusiasts visitors, visiting beaches or hiking along some cliffs may be a great idea. La Jola has lots of things to offer, from its great scenery to the vibrant wildlife, it is popular among many visitors. Its wildlife ecology is heavily preserved and protected allowing you to see many new things.

Although it does not offer much in terms of being a beach, you can snorkel through the cove. If you’re an experienced snorkeller, you can even dive deep and see the charming sea caves, of course, with a guide as a company. You can also see these sea caves by kayaking or going through the Cave Store, which is home to a human-made tunnel that goes directly inside the Sunny Jim Cave.

Zoos And Aquariums

The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest and most famous zoos you can find in the United States. If you’re looking for a family-friendly place to visit, then you can surely go here. You can see all kinds of exotic animals here, including gorillas, grizzly bears, koalas, leopards, bonobos, polar bears, rhinos, and sloths. The animals’ environments are also neatly customized to replicate a natural environment for each of them, such as rocks for Amur leopards and a chilly pool for the polar bears.

Another family-friendly site or perhaps a nice, laid-back place for a date is SeaWorld San Diego. With more than 130 million visitors since its opening in 1964, SeaWorld is the leading tourist attraction in San Diego and one of the most popular marine-life parks in the world. Besides the sea animal shows and exhibits, SeaWorld also offers close-up encounters with dolphins, granted, only by reservation.

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