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This option is great for people looking to sell their home, flip a house, get a house repainted quickly for renters, and people on a budget. For stucco, we use Behr Stucco Paint, for wood siding we use Behr 600, and for interior walls we use Behr 300 (which is the same quality as Behr 600, it's just made for interiors).

Professional (Most Popular)

This is great for people who don't want to break the bank, but want a quality paint job that will last for many years. For stucco, we use BEHR PREMIUM® ELASTOMERIC MASONRY, STUCCO & BRICK PAINT, which has a lifetime warranty. For wood siding and interiors, we use Behr Premium Plus, which has a limited lifetime warranty. For stucco, we do either one or two coats, and back roll. For wood or other siding, we spray two coats. For interior we roll two coats.


This option is great for people who want to spare no expense when it comes to protecting their home. We use Behr Marquee Products (the client can always choose another brand, such as Sherwin Williams or Dunn-Edwards, but our default product line is Behr). For exteriors, we spray and back roll twice, for interiors, we cut in and roll two coats.

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