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Our Services

We don't work higher than two stories up.

We follow the correct process for each job, never cut corners, and use only high quality paint and materials.

Correct Process

For exteriors, we pressure wash thoroughly, scrape off any peeling paint and sand and prime the bare wood underneath (sanding helps to open up the wood pores to adhere to the primer better, and primer adheres to wood better than paint). We repair any damage to wood or stucco, prime the repairs, and spray the body and eaves of the building, one or two colors depending on the client's preference. Choosing only one color on the body and eaves can save a client money, because it cuts down on the labor needed to mask of the eaves. 

For interiors, it is all about protecting the floors, furniture, and household items. We mask off all baseboards with paper and tape, lay plastic over carpet or wood floors, then lay down drop cloths. We cut and roll, unless the house is vacant, in which case we spray and back roll. We work with property managers, Realtors, and rental owners and have options for quick turnaround times before new tenants move in.


We have options for all budgets, but we refuse to use cheap paint or materials, they are simply not worth it!

Quality Materials

For wood siding, we typically use Behr Premium Plus, unless otherwise requested by the client. This is a good quality paint, and has a limited lifetime warranty. An excellent value for its price and in our opinion, all you really need. It is equivalent in quality to Sherwin Williams Super Paint. If the client wants a premium quality paint, we typically recommend Behr Marquee or Ultra, both of which have excellent adhesion and scuff resistance. For painting stucco, we typically recommend Behr Masonry, Stucco and Brick Paint.


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